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Childhood Sexual Abuse:
Have the Law on Your Side

Childhood Sexual Abuse: Have the Law on Your Side

Even If you were a victim many years ago, you are urged to seek the most successful child sexual abuse lawyer available at Foulke Law Firm in Goshen, New York. It’s time for justice.

It’s time to bring the truth out into the light. It’s time for accountability and healing. Before deciding on such serious and sensitive matters, we encourage all survivors of childhood sexual abuse to consult with reliable legal counsel.

A person who sexually abuses a child under 18 can be punished in different ways in the courts. In a criminal case, the People of the State of New York charge the abuser with crimes to imprison them.

In a civil case, the victim sues the abuser for money to make up for any harm caused by the sexual abuse.

Evan Foulke has represented child victims of sexual abuse for more than 30 years and has valuable experience prosecuting these very sensitive and serious matters.

We encourage any victims of child sexual abuse to stand up for their rights and demand accountability against their abusers and organizations that allowed the sexual abuse to occur. We are here to help.

A historic step forward for child protection, The New York Child Victims Act:

  • Allows child sex abuse survivors to bring a civil lawsuit against abusers and institutions that protected them until the survivor reaches the age of 55
  • Opens a one-year window for child sexual abuse victims of any age to bring lawsuits for abuse that occurred even decades ago
  • Revives previously barred actions related to the sexual abuse of children
  • Grants civil trial preference to such actions
  • Requires judicial training relating to child abuse and the establishment of rules relating to civil actions brought for sexual offenses committed against children

Adult Sexual Abuse

According to a new bill that was passed by New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul, victims of adult sexual abuse at the age of 18 or older now have a very limited time in which to seek justice.

New York’s Statute of Limitations will be temporarily suspended for one year to allow lawsuits to be filed by survivors of sexual assault as adults, no matter how long ago.

Whether your adult sexual abuse was inflicted once or repeatedly, the responsible party could be an individual or an institution such as a school, church, camp, or other group.

These are the issues a qualified sexual abuse attorney will need to discover about your case.

While this incident or series of incidents in your life may have had a major effect on your mental, emotional, and/or physiological health, it is understandable that confronting this again will be painful in many ways.

However, the benefits of resolving your case cannot be ignored now that you have been given a chance to reclaim your self-esteem and personal dignity. Since time is so limited in which an attorney needs to gather evidence about your case, you must act quickly.

Let Us Help You

Share the details of your case with us. We provide as much empathy and support as you need to bear the burden of discussing this disturbing part of your life.

Take this opportunity to demand accountability against your abusers and organizations that allowed such personal violations to occur.